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Preaching Off an iPad

August 16, 2011

I was curious to see what others had to share about this subject because I find myself not only preaching from the ipad but also doing Bible study, taking notes when others preach and even using it to video record and audio record while in church. I goggled “preaching from an iPad” and it amazed me just how many other people were doing it and also how many people were against it. That is the world we live in. But me, I am all for it. Just in case it crossed your mind here is the links :
My experience with preaching from the iPad:
I just preached from my iPad this past Sunday and it was no issue or problem for me. Someone did ask was I trying to be cool and let everyone know that I was the first to have one but I just laughed it off and proceeded. I also use my iPad to take notes and quickly get to the Bible verse of the day. The iPad is a tool that only enhances my ministry and study of the Word. I also use it to record audio and video in church. The calendar and email and all the other attributes of the iPad only simplifies my life. I still know how to pick up a hard cover bible and enjoy it also. To all-Be blessed and step out of the boat just like Peter , if you fall Jesus is there to pick you up!


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