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Desperate for Answers

March 22, 2011

Read Deut. 18:9-14

When you come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the ambitions of those nations. Deut. 18:9

A popular afternoon television program a few years ago was hosted by a self-proclaimed medium. He supposedly received messages from spirits of the dead to give to their family members in his studio audience. His readings prompted many people to believe in this occult practice.

We live in a culture where people are desperate to know their future, and they’ll turn to psychics and mediums for answers, a practice especially forbidden in the Scriptures.

The ancient Israelites were desperate to know their future, and God knew that they’d be tempted to consult ungodly sources for answers. So he warned them to stay away from mediums and those who contact the dead (Lev. 19:26,31 20:27 and Deut 18:9-14).

God knew that these practices would prevent ancient Israel from being a holy, set-apart people who would be a blessing to all nations. The future for Israel was determined by their faithfulness in God’s covenant, not the words of soothsayers and psychics. Reliance on these evil practices indicated a failure to trust the Lord with their lives.

When you are desperate for information about your future, turn to the sovereign God of heaven. He is the only One who holds the answers you seek. – Marvin Williams

Shall not He who led me safely
Through the footsteps of this day
Lead with equal understanding
All along the way?

The what of our future is determined by the who of eternity.

There is a movie that just recently came out called “The Hereafter” it also speaks of a modern day psychic who wanted to give up reading and live a normal life. He said to his friend that he felt like a freak doing readings, in other words he did not feel normal. Maybe you find yourself living a life that is freaky or not the norm. God has the answers for you, not man or woman. Money cannot make you happy, that job, or any other form of riches or gold, not even the lustful things of this world can fill that void. Only God can give you the peace you are seeking, the kind of peace that the world cannot take from you because the world cannot give it to you. Ask Christ to come into your life today, trust Him, He will make you brand new. The Bible tells us in John 3:16 that God loves you so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die for you and I on the cross, to wash all our sins away, to make us acceptable to God. Christ died for your sins so that you would not have to pay the price for them (the price being eternal separation from God). Would you accept Christ today? Or maybe you find yourself in a place where you are seeking answers from the wrong people, joy and peace through the wrong means. Our god is a forgiving God. Come and repent, turn away from your wicked ways and let God be the head of your life. Ask God to forgive you and for Him to order your step and get and keep you on the right track. God loves you but He will not fore himself or nothing on you. Don’t be afraid accept Christ into your life today.

Bro. Nixon


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