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A Living Testimony

January 15, 2011

A Testimony

I was listing to WAVA a Christian talk radio station and a woman and her husband was giving a testimony about their relationship.

The woman was telling how her and her husband were not getting along and how she was thinking about divorce.

Well her husband had went on a mission trip to Hati and while there a earth quake happened and he and others were buried beneath the hotel ruble.

When the lady got the word about this tragedy she was overwhelm and found herself asking how am I going to live without him.

Her husband and those trapped with him thought no one would ever find them. Two days had passed with no sign of a rescue. Suddenly a voiced yelled out is there anyone here! Immediately the husband and those with him yelled back yes here we are. Although the rescuers could not see them they yelled back asking for the names of all who were buried under the ruble.

Each person yelled out their name and the rescuer yelled back ok we have your names written down and we will be back for you.

As time passed buy it seemed that everyone had completely forgotten about the husband and those with him. Maybe they lost the list he began to think. Just as he was thinking that his name was called out and he yelled back yes here I am! They were rescued.

When the husband got home his wife was there waiting with open arms crying out I love you and always will. The husband with tears falling from his eyes said I love you to and never want to argue about anything ever again. They lived Happily ever after.

This story is an example foe us to be thankful for what we got. For us to give God the thanks and praise no matter what situation or circumstance we may find ourselves in. Now don’t get this twisted, there is no excuse to stay in a relationship where you are abused. But if there is a way to work things out then trust God and give it all your best and trust God and lean on His Word to work it out. Be blessed and know that you are highly favored!

Bro. Nixon

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