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Victory Always

December 28, 2010

Remember the battle is not yours. The war around you (in the flesh) is not always what it seems. There is some good things that lay ahead for you and yours in 2011 (claim it now). Sometimes you have to rebuke things and look at it from a spiritual point of view (through God’s Word).

I know exactly what you mean. Dealing with this flesh is unbearable at times. Dealing with real life situations can be difficult. We want to do what the flesh says instead of the Spirit because that old sinful man/woman just wants to have its way. Remember the mind is the battle field that is where the battle starts, then it develops into the heart and all kinds of things spring up from a sinful heart into sinful deeds and thoughts. But thank God for the blood His mercy and His grace, for His Word. We are singing a song in the choir called -Grateful –

“I am grateful for the things that you have done, Yes I am grateful for the victories we’ve won, I could go on and on and on about Your works…because I am grateful, grateful so grateful just to praise you, Lord, Flowing from my heart, are the issues of my heart…Is gratefulness.

A friend of mine and I were talking about how Satan tries to put sinful thoughts, doubts and fear in our minds from time to time but only if we will stop and pray then those doubts, fears and sinful thoughts will go away. Praise God sister…. God is only preparing you for battle and some serious victories in Christ. Be strong and pray in season and out of season…study that Word and don’t ever give up. When and if you fall just get back up brush yourself off and continue to fight the good fight. As I preach to you I am preaching to myself because I feel you (for real I really do), it is not easy always. Be blessed, be strong, prayed up, filled with the Word and cloth with The Full Armor of God.

Bro. Nixon


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  1. I am a new blogger (Christian) and would like to dialog about spiritual warfare. I have been under the enemy’s attacks for decades because The LORD, I believe is doing a great work through me. Please read the three part narrative about the working of the Holy Spirit and comment if you have time at
    Thank you,

    • gary007446 permalink

      Spititual battle is real. Just look at Ephesians 6 the whole chapter. It tells us to put on the whole Armour of God. Nothing to add or take away from that. Stay in the Word it is your only offensive weapon everything else protects you. Be blessed.

  2. Gary, Thank you for responding. The dialog that I was hoping to start goes far beyond armor and I thought that it would not be appropriate for this venue. The previous address and would be much better at describing what I am dealing with. If you don/t have time then that’s cool.

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