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Take it to the Streets

December 28, 2010

Not long ago at a men’s prayer meeting my best friend told me that we need to get out there and spread the gospel, that we needed to go places we have not been before. My friend Robert was telling me that we needed to go and walk through Pioneer City (the rough area of Odenton) and knock on doors and pray for people and share the gospel. Well of course I agreed. But when the day came I was at the barber shop getting a fresh fade and as I looked out the window of the barbershop I noticed that it was raining, pouring down hard. Robert called and said man are you ready? I responded by saying, man it is raining like crazy and Robert replied ah don’t worry it is going to stop. As I walked out the barbershop the sun came out, I went and met Robert in Pioneer city and we preached and prayed with people and had a blessed good time in the Lord. Robert was telling me to “Get up & Go to the street”. Jesus told Ananias the same thing and he is telling us today to do likewise. Someone had to preach the word to us, to Billy Graham, to Paul and we need to share this good news with someone also. So I am telling you to “Get Up & Go to the street and share the good news and pray with those who need prayer. Your street may be your job, your home, your community, wherever it is Get Up and Go Preach! Be blessed.
Bro. Nixon

Acts 9:11

A lesson of evangelism is taught here by Jesus. I know he has said it throughout the gospels but just in case we didn’t get it yet, he repeats himself to Ananias. Jesus tells him to “GET UP & GO to the street…” if anyone is going to come to church it’s going to take christians such as Ananias, You, and me to GET UP & GO! go to where unsaved people are. and yes we may put up several excuses just like Ananias but that is our job. Don’t miss out on telling others about Jesus because you never know that one person might as well be the next APOSTLE PAUL.


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