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Your Call To Serve

August 13, 2010

Hello Saints, When we become part of anything it means that we are to partake and serve. You cannot become an employee and not work, you cannot become a member of a club and not participate you must share your gift and talents and be part of the team (a team player) that not only reaps the benefits but work and contribute in some way. Often times people like to come to church and leave without getting involved at all in any of the programs or activities (Christians also, saved folk). The bible says that we are to use our talents and gifts to help and bless others. Today you may be called upon to do just that! We all will have to stand before God and be accountable one day. Will He tell you well done my good and faithful servant or will He say depart from me because you denied me on earth and now I will deny you. Have a blessed day. Bro. Nixon Your Call to Salvation is a call to service Rick Warner… Now you belong to him . . . in order that you might be useful in the service of God. Romans 7:4 (TEV) Your call to salvation included your call to service. They are the same. Regardless of your job or career, you are called to full-time Christian service. A “non-serving Christian” is a contradiction in terms. You are called to serve God. Growing up, you may have thought that being called by God was something only missionaries, pastors, nuns, and other full-time church workers experienced, but the Bible says every Christians is called to service. (Ephesians 4:4-14; see also Romans 1:6-7; 8:28-30; 1 Corinthians 1:2, 9, 26; 7:17; Philippians 3:14; 1 Peter 2:9; 2 Peter 1:3) Anytime you use your God-given abilities to help others, you are fulfilling your calling. The Bible says, “Now you belong to him . . . in order that you might be useful in the service of God.” (Romans 7:4 TEV) How much of the time are you being useful in the service of God? In some churches in China, they welcome new believers by saying, “Jesus now has a new pair of eyes to see with, new ears to listen with, new hands to help with, and a new heart to love others with.”

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