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Numbers 16-19

March 8, 2010

In chapter 16, we read about the judgment of God upon those who sinned against Him.

God is perfectly holy. He calls us to be holy. This is not to be a pretence. It is to be real. Those who came under God’s judgment claimed to be holy (16:3). God saw what they were really like.

This is a very challenging passage. It’s a reminder that we must not take God lightly: “it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”.

We should also remember that Christ’s hands were pierced for us.

He waits to welcome all who return to Him, fleeing from “the wrath to come”.

Moses, the priests, the people – all were to honour the Lord in everything (17:1).

* Moses did exactly what the Lord commanded him to do” (17:11).

* The priests were “a gift given to the Lord to do whatever work is necessary at the tent of meeting” (18:6).

* “Out of all the gifts they had received”, the people were to “contribute the best and holiest parts to the Lord” (18:29).

Whoever we are, whatever our place in God’s work, we are to be dedicated to the Lord. We are to commit ourselves to doing His will. We are to be faithful in the work He has given us to do for Him.

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