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Prayer / not just a man

May 13, 2008

Hello to All,


God is so very good. I am so strong in the Lord in my very weaknesses. I thank God for His grace and mercy. If it was not for the Lord where would I be.


Dear Father in Heaven, Lord God I just thank you for your faithfulness, that you are not like man,  that you will never leave nor forsake us despite our sinful selves. Thank you God our Jehovah Jira (our provider) for all that you provide for us and anytime that we are going through whatever it may be all that we have to do is look back at all that you have brought us through. No matter what the results of this world may be, the economy, high gas prices, devastation all around, harsh bosses, hard to deal with family members, lack of money etc. etc. You are God and still and always in control. Thank you for your Son Jesus the price that He (You) paid for us on the cross. There are so many things we could all complain about but just like me I know that our good times out weigh our bad times that when we at times thought that we were walking alone it was those times you carried us through. God I thank you, I praise you, I give you the honor and glory you deserve. There will be a time when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, I am so glad that you have given me the privilege to do that now. Lord bless my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who I am sharing this prayer with. You Lord know what their needs are, you know their very troubles and you can meet all their needs. Bless them, order their steps, put your hedge of protection around them and their love ones and help them walk the walk and talk the talk of being a good Christian Soldier in your Army. Blessed be the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you Father for another blessed day. In Jesus name I pray. Amen and




Bro. Nixon



Oh, here is something I read on the web. Very nicely put together.


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