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Daily Word

February 18, 2008

Mark 8:23-27Being Calm in the presence of FearWhen the storms of life come upon us with all it’s fury, it can be over whelming. These storms come in many varieties, degrees and intensity. Being caught in a bad rain is rough, an ice storm even worst. Being caught in the wild and emotional storms of life can even be worst depending on the intensity. The History of Israel is an example. Jonah ran from God and experienced fear. Mark tells us of Jesus and His diciples at sea in the midst of a storm. Jesus fell asleep (Jesus had peace, in the midst of the storm). the diciples were afraid, Jesus kept sleeping. the diciples said wake up, do you not care, how can you be so calm and relaxed in the midst of this storm? This was a major calamity as far as the diciples were concerned, Jesus was at peace.Jesus said “Peace be still” and the winds and the rain, the entire storm ceased. The diciples may have wanted prayer, but Jesus gave them a laid back calm and dramatic answer with “Peace be still”!! Jesus asked why are you afraid, have you no faith after all we’ve been through?The diciples asked one another, “who is this that even the wind and the rain obey him? the diciples were blown away! They were at awe knowing that Jesus had blessed them with more than they had expected. This kind of storm had pumped fear into all sailors and fishermen through many generations but Jesus spoke and the seas were calm.We just don’t know what kind of storm life will throw us, what the next day will bring. The Bible tells us not to worry about tomorrow, enough is our troubles for today. You see you cannot change nothing by worrying about it and if God (Jehova Jira) takes care of the birds,bees,trees and flowers well, don’t you know he will take care of and provide for you and I?We all have our own personnal problems. I don’t believe there is not one person reading this who is not dealing with something, if you are not as my grandma says “just live long enough” you will and it is then that you will need something or somebody to lean on. What better person than Jesus, God’s only begotten son, God in the flesh. Wow!!sometimes we are afraid (our human nature), sometimes we think negative, think the worst, think that we will not measure up to people standards or expectations. Sometimes we even think that our problems, issues,  fears and doubts are beyound the care of the masters hand. But I am telling you today as a living testimony that our God is an on time and able to make a way out of no way God. The bible tells us of a man name Job who lost everything, became so sick and weak that he and his wife thought that he was going to die, as a matter of fact his wife told him to curse God and get it over with. Job comfronted God with fear and trembling (respect)
Job said to God “though you slay me, I will still worship you” Job did not comprehend all that was going on in his life but he knew that God was still in charge. Job got blessed even the more. When we lose a love one it can be hard to understand why, but God knows best. Storm clouds will come now and again, pain and anguish will come and you may ask where is God, does He care.

I am a witness and so are many of you reading this. God cares and He loves us truly. God loves us so much that John 3:16 tells us that God loves us so much that He sent His only begotten Son to pay the price for our sins. Money could not pay the sin debt, man could not provide a way out only Jesus, God in the flesh WOW could make a way out of no way for our sins to be forgiven. Yes God loves us that much, it does not get no better.

We can face trial and tribulations through the peace of knowing our God is real, through the comfort that His living word gives us, through the wonderful marvelous songs that sing of His goodness mercy and grace. When we call on Jesus for help He always gives us more than we expect. Jesus will give you peace that the world cannot take away, peace beyond understanding (Amen?). Some of you know that for sure. We all have something that we are dealing with, trying to figure out just how we are going to deal with a bill, a relationship a mistake we made a job or co-workers, family ordeals or an illness, or even a mistake we wish we had never made. We all have challenging and frustrating moments, have faith and know that God can see you through it all. Trust God take all your burdens to Him ask Him into your life and if you are already a believer than just keep the faith. Jesus can calm all our fears Jesus is the answer. You know when Jesus died on the cross and rose aagain on the 3rd day He told the disciples that He must go to heaven so that the Comforter may come. We as Christians have that same Comforter (Jesus) living on the inside of us today, rely on Him, follow Him and listen to Him as He guides you along the way. It’s amazing how sweet and wonderful life is when we are in the will of God. The safest place in this whole wide world is in the will of God. Peace my brothers and sisters. God Bless.

Brother Nixon

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